Three of Sydney’s finest on Friday night. Roll out! Roll out! 8:00pm Main Room $10
Image“Day of the Meerkat have built their reputation on spleen-fracturing live shows, their musical ore heated in the furnace and beaten in the smithy of the Sydney warehouse scene.” 
Music Feeds

The Meerkat’s new single ‘Tokyo Black Wolf’ lampoons the absurdity of it all and is now available as a free download at

Surprise Wasp – Sydney’s finest purveyors of authentic punk’n’roll step back into the limelight, adjust their exquisite hair and kick your goddamn arse once again. With new sounds and a new album in the works, the four-piece have expanded their winning formula, infusing compulsory foot-tapping elements of blues, garage and surf-rock into a hearty rock’n’roll feast.

Black Island – Featuring current and former members of Echoes, The Pints, Lander Configurations and Gargamel’s Cat, Black Island will destroy your hearing and shit on your doorstep.

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To Everyone Who has Supported the Sando,

If you’ve ever attended a gig at the Sando, played there or even just spent some time shooting the shit and having a drink or two, we’d like to thank you so much for your support and the energy you provided us with to keep the old place running. It’s been a labour of love and a truly extraordinary ride. Sadly, we are no longer working at the pub but we have not given up the fight and we will continue to try and find some solution, some way to keep the Sando running as a live music venue for as long as we can. For now, that’s where all our energy is being channelled. 

The shows will still go on for the immediate future (we’ll still keep you posted on what’s happening) and if there’s any chance of saving the Sando, we need to ask you not to give up on the place but to head on down to the peeling pink building at 387 King Street, Newtown as often as you can. The more people that walk through the door, the more chance we can preserve the Sando legacy. It may not be us running the show but at least there’ll be a show. As some old bastard once said, “it ain’t over over ’til the fat lady sings” so come see a band now and make sure the fat lady never gets her chance!

Tony and Kim Townsend






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Business As Usual at the Sando!

Well it’s business as usual at the Sando this weekend. Despite the suits roaming the old boards, you can’t stop the music! Gigs are going ahead as usual so for more info check out the gig guide.

Thanks so much to everyone for your kindness and support! 


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Sando In Receivership

Hi to all our loyal supporters and supporters of live music in Sydney. It’s a sad day today with the appointment of receivers to the Sando. It will still be business as usual for the moment and the bands will still be playing so come on down and check us out. We’d love to see you. We want to thank every one of the people who have passed through our doors over the time we’ve had the pub. It has been our intention all along to inject a bit of the 80’s music ethos of the Sando back into the Newtown area and we hope we’ve gone a little way towards doing that and also towards giving a home to so many incredibly talented musicians from both Australia and overseas. We’ll continue to keep you posted over the coming weeks to let you know how things are going and will keep our fingers crossed that a happy solution for everyone will present itself.Image

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Guitar Wolf (Japan)

Saturday 10th December

Formed in Nagasaki, Japan in 1987 Guitar Wolf are known for their piercing vocal line and extremely loud brand of noise influenced punk. They coined the phrase “Jet Rock ‘n’ Roll” to describe their musical style and live performance, which has been compared to an energetic combination of the Ramones style punk, Rockabily and Garage Rock. They have released nine studio albums internationally, and have featured in 2 B-Grade Japanese Horror/Sci-Fi flicks- Wild Zero and Sore Losers.

The live experience of Guitar Wolf is certainly something that should not be missed- by anyone! Their frenetic live shows are known to rely on elaborate stage productions, including lighted banners, hilariously oversized speakers and microphones that spew fire. With little to no time in-between songs, the band has (on many occasions) played completely non-stop throughout their entire set. And in December this year they will bring all of this energy and thrash to Australia. Playing a full national tour (entitled the spacebattleshiplove tour), and their Sydney stop off will be, right here, at the Sando!

So grab your tickets (available from moshtix) and come and see what real punk rock should be!

“Fuck the Strokes, fuck the Hives and fuck every other slicked out over-hyped rock band on the planet. If you want real rock n roll, the kind that makes you wanna run around like a maniac bringing glorious chaos to everything in sight hopped up on booze and dangerous amounts of adrenaline, then Guitar Wolf is your band… clearly on this planet to destroy everything that is un-cool and boring about music these days.
Stronger than ever, loud as fuck, Guitar Wolf just wanna rock”
.  – Punk

”The lead singer crawled off the stage after his set, puked for a couple minutes, and then came back for an encore.” The Dallas Observer

When: 10th December

Where: Main Stage, The Sando 387 King St, Newtown

Doors @ 8pm, Tickets $29 + BF


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This Weekend @ The Sando

Nat Col & The Kings (EP Launch) with Carrie Phillis & The Downtown Three + Bitter Sweet Kicks

After wrapping up their first national tour and spending many sleepless nights in the studio, the long wait is over, as Nat Col & the Kings prepare to hit the road again on their second national tour, unleashing their 2nd EP, ‘Simple Things’ on the world. Nat Col & the Kings is the combination of guitarist Nathan Cavaleri, who has toured with BB King and jammed with everyone from Michael Jackson to Diesel, and former Screaming Jets Drummer Col Hatchman. With two individually amazing artists, from very different musical backgrounds, it is clear that together as Nat Col & the Kings, Nathan & Col are making their own rules as they continue to grow their own style and sound that has some solid influences from their own musical backgrounds and their guests on stage.

This show is definitely not one to be missed, and with two great supports- Carrie Phillis & The Downtown Three and Bittersweet Kicks– you’d better get there early to soak up the entire atmosphere!

Tickets are available from and at the door. Cost is $15 and doors will open @ 8pm.

saturday 20th august:


Tice & Evans

Saturday night will kick off (like it always does) at about 4pm when TICE & EVANS start your night off right with their own unique mixture of rock and blues. Its FREE downstairs, so pop on in for a beer or three and see what it takes to keep a 5 year long residency at the Sando. Also dont forget to check out Mark Evans new book Dirty Deeds, which has just been released nationally.

Crossing Red Lines with Sativa Sun + Rufflefeather

Described as an Aussie Arctic Monkeys, but with their own unique sound, south coast indie group Crossing Red Lines have developed quite a name for themselves, in quite a short time.
Melbourne based musical producer / visual artist Robbie Rowlands, AND DJ Tom from Sydney’s Eastside Radio have both independently likened CRL to the early Clash, and the boys themselves realise the importanance of keeping their sound simple. They have a unique sound ranging from funk, to indie rock & early punk, with a dash of reggae and hip hop thrown in for good measure.

CRL’s fusion experiment and spirited attitude makes them a band that has certainly arrived and should have far-reaching influences on the music scene, especially with their debut release Young and Free available from this month. The lads have played in a spate of gigs at Sydney music venues including the Raval, the Lewisham, the Roxbury, the Beach Hotel Bondi, the Charing Cross, the Annandale and this Saturday, we welcome them back to the Sando with supports Sativa Sun & Ruffle Feather.

Doors open at 8pm and entry is just $10!

sunday 21st august:


Dom Turner’s Supro

Dom Turner and Supro are a mixture of three-parts blues, two parts surf-rock, a heavy spoonful of dub laced with a splash of Tabasco spiced New Orleans funk, all blended with a helping of Tex-Mex jalapenos, salt, reverb and voices from the dead and traditionally served with your choice of ice cold beer. In other words- they’re the perfect way to end your week!

The band combines old and new, living and dead to create a sound that is a mix of blues, surf and dub. ‘Dom Turner and Supro’ have rocked audiences at numerous festivals including East Coast Blues Festival, the Australian Blues Festival and the Wangaratta Festival of Jazz and this Sunday, they’re doing it here at the Sando & ITS FREE from 4pm.

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Tonight @ The Sando

thursday 1st september:



Johnathan Devoy Solo

Originally hailing from the South Coast of NSW, Johnathan Devoy has been playing around the country for 15 years. Fronting bands such as Jerk, Ink, The Vandolls and most recently Melody Black, has developed not only a strong performance, but an eclectic collection of material to draw upon. Continuing to rock out his Thursday Night Residency (Currently at gig #99) you can expect a mix of Stand Up Comedy, Binge Drinking & Acoustic Rock featuring special guests Zotty Cillia on Drums,  and songstress Cecil Hotbake belting out a few tunes as well. The tunes will kick off at about 8:30pm, and its completely free!

And if you like what you see- check him out at his 100th gig on Thursday 8th September (next week).


Jessamine (CD Launch) with Smitty & B. Goode, Raprager + Boxing with Ghosts

Come on upstairs tonight to check out ex- Nitocris & The Fyreflies lead guitarist Jessamine Finlayson’s new project Jessamine. The Sydney based four piece will be launching their brand new self titled album, recorded at SpaceJunk studios with the help of Church Drummer/Engineer/Producer Tim Powles. The CD will be available to purchase on the night, and with great supporting acts Smitty & B. Goode, Raprager and Boxing with Ghosts, it’s sure to be a great night with plenty of great music and energy to go round!

Entry is only $12 and doors open at 8pm.

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