Happy Hate Me Nots


1st new material since 1991!!

Sydney’s original melodic rockers stake a new claim in 2011 with a full length album – first new material since 1991!! If you love music, you just gotta keep playing. This band loves music and has persisted – since 1983!

Self-financed and self-released the album, Time and The State, will be available both online and at live shows. Recorded in the period since the band reformed to play live, tour and promote the release, in 2007, of the compilation of their recorded output between 1983 and 1991 – THE GOOD THAT’S BEEN DONE (released on the Feel Presents reissues label) – the Happy Hate Me Nots now give you an update on their take on what can be created with 2 guitars, bass ‘n drums and melodic rock and roll smarts. We’re talking about nice n’ thick electric guitars with bass and drums locked in tight behind vocals that are telling you real stories. Songs about places, people, dreams, nightmares, time and the state fall into line here.

Energetic rock ‘n pop, hard-edged power pop, even groove and funk. If you know this band’s earlier material, you’ll be surprised by what you hear on their latest release!

Recording the Album

After the 2 CD comp was released in 2007, having too much fun playing music together again, the band shook hands, agreed to soldier on and then dispersed, to prepare for learning new songs. Main songwriter, Paul Berwick (vocals/gtr), got to work and penned new songs for the band to review. In the first session, 5 new tracks were laid down with long time drummer Mick Searson (part of the original line up that existed between 1986 and 1991). Successful as these sessions were, some tensions arose and the band parted ways with Mick not long after recording finished.

The band then approached Mark Nicholson, original drummer with the band between 1984 and 1986 to again drum with the band! Mark’s brief was to learn 6 new songs – in addition to the other 40 or so that made up the HHMNs recorded output. A second session was then completed with Mark.

All new songs were recorded at Leisure Suit Studio, located on the Hawkesbury River, north of Sydney by Grant Shanahan. Additional recording took place at Soft Studios, by Kevin Purdy. Mixing was completed by Mick Carpenter at Love Hz Studio in Sydney. Tracks were then mastered at Turtlerock Mastering, Sydney, by Rick O’Neil.

Special guests on the album include Jeremy Craib (bluejuice – keyboards) and Bek-Jean Stewart (vocals).


The Gig


The Happy Hate Me Nots launch Time and The State at the Sando on Friday 15th April on the Upstairs Main Stage. Supported by Decline of Reptiles and Trench Gashes, doors are at 8pm, and tickets are available at the door (Get there early to avoid disappointment!). Its sure to be a great night!

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