The Boulders feat. Filfrea: Tuesday 19th April


Many will be aware of the devastating weather that hit Far North Queensland this past summer with cyclones, floods and now with a massive drop in tourism the region has been hit hard.

One ex-Newtown eccentric, beat poet, bohemian barter boy and wild frontman named Filfrea (yeah that guy that looks like Rolf Harris) has been caught up in the maelstrom surrounding his once quiet holiday town of Mourilyan, near Innisfail. Staring down the brunt of two cyclones in as many weeks and the ongoing rain he has been left with no income to feed his five month old daughter. “Bugger that!”, said a hand full of old mates from the heady days of his past when the news broke, “We’ll host a benefit night for him”, and so it begins…

Some of Newtowns finest will be banding together on Tuesday 19 April at the Sandringham Hotel to host a benefit for Filfrea and his family. Enter Johnny Maddox, The Hoo Haas, Tug Dumbly, Frank Bennett, Zsa Zsa and Gonzo MC – Benito Di Fozno and more for one madcap night which will take you back to the days before those Olympics we had to have… That’s not all folks, Filfrea could not resist the calling (I mean, it is about him after all…), and will be hitting town for one night only to sell anything of value that will fit in the trunk of his car and to front The Bolders for the first time in seven years. Yep, no rehearsal at all folks, hit the ground running stuff here.

To commemorate the band has compiled all the recordings they could muster from the two sessions in 2001 and 03 and put them all on the one CD for the first time which will be available on the night for just $15 each. If you’ve not heard The Bolders then that may be because they changed their name for every Sunday show at the Town Hall Hotel during their three year residency. From ‘The Dirty Mess I Are’s’ to ‘Free Fill and The Holey Wholes’, ‘September Ill Evan’, Filfrea and the Furry Fluro’s’, Free Fill and The Rocks In Your Head’, ‘The Dynamic Lifters’ on and on and on it goes…

If you ever stumbled in to the Townie during the early 2000’s and saw the chaotic madness of Filfrea’s Varioty Show dubbed “The Cavacade Of Spurts,” then you’d be familiar with The Bolders who were the house band. This is a very special one off, never to be repeated, trip down memory drain so make sure you don’t miss out! Further details:

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