The Lazy’s


Lovers Jump Creek


Sandringham Hotel



It was to be a blistering night of rock ‘n’ roll at the Sando, with none other than the role of lead guitarist starring. Opening act Lovers Jump Creek set the scene early on with an impressive line-up of jagged and progressive edged rock tunes that quickly had the crowd interested. Playing what was without a doubt the most original material of the night, they didn’t let the small early evening crowd deter them from putting on a show. Guitarist Sam Thomlinson smiled his was through most of the set, playing leads that, while not as technically spectacular as what was to follow, show a tastefulness that was the backbone of their performance, never letting their staccato riff and odd time signatures get in the way of amazing songwriting.

L.U.S.T swaggered confidently to the stage and proceeded to pummel the audience with their ego driven glam metal. No one could ever accuse them of re-inventing the wheel, but at the same time you get the feeling that they simply don’t care. They took to the stage as if it belonged to them and whilst they were playing one would be forgiven for mistaking them for the headlining act. Once again continuing the theme of amazing rock guitarists, the highlight of the band was Ronnie Simmons, who never once missed a beat or a note while shreading his was through some blistering rock riffs.

The true headlining act of the evening, The Lazy’s, quickly dispelled any doubt that it was indeed their night. With a sound that left nowhere in the room for delicate ears to hide, the bombastically smashed their amazingly written and performed rock songs into the audiences collective conscience. Refreshingly, while still having fun on stage, the lyrical content of their songs contained actual depth and vision, matching the same qualities that were found in their performance. A dual drumming tuning interlude and lead guitarist Mat Morris performing an incredibly well defined solo from atop a crowd members shoulders topped off the night with both novelty and talent. The Lazy’s prove, beyond a shadow of even the most cynical and jaded doubt, that Australian rock ‘n’ roll is indeed not dead, but flourishing in pubs everywhere. All one need do is have the enthusiasm to go looking for it and bands like The Lazy’s will do the rest.

Chris de Peau

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