Jack Daniels & Zombie Dog Present ROSE TATTOO

Rose Tattoo- Up Close & Dangerous

Friday 24th & Saturday 25th June

We are very excited to announce that over two nights in June, the Sando will be hosting Australian Rock LEGENDS Rose Tattoo for two shows, up close, personal and in your face. Up Close and Dangerous with Rose Tattoo @ the Sandringham Hotel in Newtown will be two nights of hard rock to go down in music history!

Rose Tattoo is undoubtedly one of the most legendary bands Australia has ever produced. They played their first gig on New Year’s Eve 1976 and in no time had established a reputation as one of the baddest, most brawling bands in the land. Rose Tattoo is one of the greatest bar-room blues bands ever to draw breath and their first two albums in particular are still regarded as masterpieces.

In the category of ´cult bands` Rose Tattoo has been at the top of the pile for years. The raw style of blues rock that the Australians manage to create out of a hot mix of slide guitars, pounding hooks with sharp and tight rhythm along with the unmistakeable voice of the front man Angry Anderson is what gives the fans a welcome feast in what is today a fast food orientated music business.
The best thing about Rose Tattoo is: The band can take a punch and are full of vitality; they put every kick in the face behind them and still have the energy to carry on and deliver a new quality product.

Supported by Melody Black and Nat Col & The Kings on Friday 24th June and Hell Crab City and The Lazy’s on Saturday 25th June, this is definately something that is not to be missed!!!

Tickets are on sale NOW via ZombieDogEntertainment

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