Cooper’s Sounds After Dark

Sydney Gig to be held at The Sando

Last year Coopers Dark Ale put on their firstSounds After Dark gig with resounding success. The Gigs were held in Adelaide and Melbourne and featured The Drones, The Dacios and Batrider. This year, Sounds After Dark returns, with Coopers adding Sydney to the tour, with the Sando as the venue for the gig.

So whats the deal? You cannot buy tickets to the gigs, all tickets will be provided as competetion prizes, so, basically all you have to do is pop into one of these venues and buy a Coopers Dark Ale, grab a competition scratch card and sms the unique code to the number provided. You’ll then recieve a text informing you as to whether you have won tickets to the gig, or whether you need to buy another beer and try again! These gigs are exclusive to competition winners- buying a Dark Ale and entering the competition is the ONLY way that you can get in.

Hot off their support of Kyuss Lives! (and by all accounts their amazing performance on the night!) and “Back from the Grave”, TUMBLEWEED will be headlining this years gig, supported by Melbourne band MY DISCO.

For more information Stay Tuned !!!

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