Calling All Sketch Club Members

Here at the Sando, we’re currently trying to revamp our website/web presence (as you may have noticed) and in the soon to be launched, brand new, easier to navigate/prettier website over at, we would like to add a page about and for the sketch club members. So what we are hoping is that some of you might be willing to send us some digital copies of your masterpieces from Monday night Sketch Clubs. They dont have to be completely finished, the dont even have to be pretty! Just something to give everyone a feel of what goes on, the poses/lighting etc, and also to show off just how amazingly talented we know you all are!

So here are the details. If you want to let us use you images to promote sketch club, then all you have to do is scan it (or take a photo of it) and email it to, with the following specifications:

File Size: less than 4MB
Resolution: 300 DPI (the higher the resolution the better it will look online!)
File Format: JPEG
File naming/other info: Please make sure you label your images something like your_name_sketchclub so we can credit you with your work. Also feel free to watermark your images and to add any other info in your email (e.g. link to your website).

We look forward to recieving your submissions! Feel free to let anyone else in sketch club know about this if they dont have access to the blog etc. You can also LIKE our Sando Sketch Club page on facebook!

Dont Forget: Sketch Club is now EVERY Monday!!!



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