Reviews, Reviews & More Reviews…

Its been a busy couple of weeks here at the Sando- with Desert Sessions & the Rose Tattoo gigs being massive highlights. And with The Fireballs coming up this weekend, and 6ft Hick next week, there seems only to be one “Slowdown” in sight (ie: Slowdown Sunday again on next week)!

So instead of giving our wrap up of the last week or so, we thought we’d post some of the reviews and media we’ve found from the last few weeks.

Sludge Factory- Desert Sessions 2011

Desert Sessions 2011: A Night of Stoner Rock + Mother Mars

The Sandringham Hotel, Newtown

18 June 2011

Review by Gary Grim

Photos by Lauren Rafter

I have many fond memories of seeing gigs at The Sando; some of these gigs were good and some bad but overall it’s a cool venue. When you see a band there it feels like a real gig. None of this huge separation between the crowd and the band like in some of the bigger venues just the punters, the music, booze and a really relaxed atmosphere. What better setting for a night of Stoner Rock? Upon entering, I was eager to see what these performers had in store for us and whether they would do the amazing bands they were paying tribute to justice.

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Loud Mag- Rose Tattoo Review (24/06/11)

Rose Tattoo


Sandringham Hotel, Sydney
June 24, 2011
Supports: Melody Black, Nat Col and the Kings
Reviewed by Brian Fischer-Giffin

Opportunities like this don’t come along very often anymore and may not ever again: the chance to catch one of Australia’s greatest bands blasting out a full set of steamin’ rock n roll in the confines of a small, intimate room, and it was no surprise that the House Full sign had gone up for both these shows a few days before the event.

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Drum Media – Rose Tattoo Review (24/06/11)

Issue 1066 (28/06/11)

page 59

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Drum Media – Fireballs Interveiw


Issue 1066 (28/06/11)
page 42

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