Kim Salmon – Russian Roullete Sydney Tour

When writing about Australian rock legend Kim Salmon, you don’t have to search too hard for information to fill a decent length biography. With more than 20 recordings from his involvement in bands such as The Scientists, The Beasts of Bourbon, Darling Downs and Kim Salmon & The Surrealists, Salmon has been an influential main stay on the Australian music scene for the last 30 years. His work with The Scientists in the 1980s influenced the grunge scene, which was to emerge later on in the decade and rise to prominence in the early 90s. Salmon himself coined the term “grunge” to describe the band’s “unorthodox bass heavy rhythms and distorted guitars”- a fact that was noted in the ABC’s 2001 rock and roll documentary ‘Long Way to the Top’.

As The Scientists and the decade came to a close, Kim resolved to give free reign to his Avant-garde, jazz and just plain old weird streak, on his ‘solo’ venture The Surrealists. Their best known and best selling album was 1993’s “Sin Factory”, with the band touring Europe, USA & Australia on their own and with the likes of U2, The Bad Sees, Jon Spencer and The Cramps. In 2004, he was inducted into the Western Australian Music Industry Hall of Fame, and still continued to follow his Avant-garde musical path, creating the instrumental band Salmon in 2005, with Clare Moore & Michael Stranges on drums and Dave Graney, Ash Naylor, Penny Ikinger, Matt Walker & Anton Ruddick on guitar and Kim on both guitar and samples.

After consecutive sell outs over four Melbourne shows, Kim Salmon is bringing his Old Bar Russian Roulette concept for the first time to Sydney. Over 2 nights at the Sando Kim will be playing two different sets, each focussing on a different aspect of his career. He’ll have a new band for each set – Kim and Leanne as the Scientists duo or ScienceTest, his 3 piece ‘solo band’ covering everything from Beasts of Bourbon to Salmon to The Darling Downs, his latest combo ‘Precious Jules’, The Surrealists and everything inbetween, infront of or behind.




w/- special guests to be announced

WHEN: Friday 19 & Saturday 20 August 2011

WHERE: Sandringham Hotel

DOORS: 8pm

TICKETS: $20+bf available via moshtix & Zombie Dog Entertainment

“Salmon’s music is ageless” ~Rolling Stone

“Salmon is to Perth, Australia, what Nick Cave was to Melbourne; a post-punk trailblazer that’s made uncompromising music for 35 years….. May he never stop!” ~ The Bigtakeover

“This is an artist defined by his very restlessness, his willingness to both embrace and redefine his own legacy and keep presenting us with work that is as original as it is commercially unviable” ~ Mess+Noise

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