Guitar Wolf (Japan)

Saturday 10th December

Formed in Nagasaki, Japan in 1987 Guitar Wolf are known for their piercing vocal line and extremely loud brand of noise influenced punk. They coined the phrase “Jet Rock ‘n’ Roll” to describe their musical style and live performance, which has been compared to an energetic combination of the Ramones style punk, Rockabily and Garage Rock. They have released nine studio albums internationally, and have featured in 2 B-Grade Japanese Horror/Sci-Fi flicks- Wild Zero and Sore Losers.

The live experience of Guitar Wolf is certainly something that should not be missed- by anyone! Their frenetic live shows are known to rely on elaborate stage productions, including lighted banners, hilariously oversized speakers and microphones that spew fire. With little to no time in-between songs, the band has (on many occasions) played completely non-stop throughout their entire set. And in December this year they will bring all of this energy and thrash to Australia. Playing a full national tour (entitled the spacebattleshiplove tour), and their Sydney stop off will be, right here, at the Sando!

So grab your tickets (available from moshtix) and come and see what real punk rock should be!

“Fuck the Strokes, fuck the Hives and fuck every other slicked out over-hyped rock band on the planet. If you want real rock n roll, the kind that makes you wanna run around like a maniac bringing glorious chaos to everything in sight hopped up on booze and dangerous amounts of adrenaline, then Guitar Wolf is your band… clearly on this planet to destroy everything that is un-cool and boring about music these days.
Stronger than ever, loud as fuck, Guitar Wolf just wanna rock”
.  – Punk

”The lead singer crawled off the stage after his set, puked for a couple minutes, and then came back for an encore.” The Dallas Observer

When: 10th December

Where: Main Stage, The Sando 387 King St, Newtown

Doors @ 8pm, Tickets $29 + BF


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