To Everyone Who has Supported the Sando,

If you’ve ever attended a gig at the Sando, played there or even just spent some time shooting the shit and having a drink or two, we’d like to thank you so much for your support and the energy you provided us with to keep the old place running. It’s been a labour of love and a truly extraordinary ride. Sadly, we are no longer working at the pub but we have not given up the fight and we will continue to try and find some solution, some way to keep the Sando running as a live music venue for as long as we can. For now, that’s where all our energy is being channelled. 

The shows will still go on for the immediate future (we’ll still keep you posted on what’s happening) and if there’s any chance of saving the Sando, we need to ask you not to give up on the place but to head on down to the peeling pink building at 387 King Street, Newtown as often as you can. The more people that walk through the door, the more chance we can preserve the Sando legacy. It may not be us running the show but at least there’ll be a show. As some old bastard once said, “it ain’t over over ’til the fat lady sings” so come see a band now and make sure the fat lady never gets her chance!

Tony and Kim Townsend






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