Bridge & Tunnel (USA) Australian Tour…


In Australia to headline Poison City’s ‘WEEKENDER FEST’ (MELB), New York’s Bridge & Tunnel have also announced additional dates in Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide and Perth,  stopping by The Sando on Sunday 11th September.  Currently one of No Idea Record’s most promising bands, Bridge & Tunnel play a brilliant melding of DC post-hardcore (think Rites Of Spring/ Fugazi), intricate melodies, intelligent lyrics and a fierce D.I.Y spirit. Having just finished up recording their second full-length album with well renowned producer J.Robbins (Against Me!, Small Brown Bike, Jawbreaker), they will begin launching the new record in Australia, before returning to the US to perform at the massive FEST 10 festival in Gainesville, FL. 

Most of us fell in love with punk rock for the same reasons; being young and angry at the world. Eventually the angst of youth mellows over the years and the energetic love affair turns into a mid-twenties slag based on repetition and convenience. That which once set up apart form the rest of society becomes a glossed-over facet of our personalities and we forget the reasons behind our actions.

It can take a massive shift in one’s life to break free from the monotonous repetition of of work, drink, sleep, repeat but the key to undoing our apathy can often lie in the simplicity of song, and while Bridge and Tunnel’s music strays far from the four-chord rock we call home, the underlying themes tackled in their songs cut straight to the heart. Blatant lyricism covers many of the fucked-up situations that go unnoticed in the maelstrom of grown-up reality. Issues such as urban gentrification, drug abuse, political apathy, and the struggles of the working class are all tackled with a mix of youthful honesty and outright rage. Their impressive mastery of their instruments cannot go unmentioned, as they carefully craft intricate, overlapping melodies that provide a striking balance with the feverish fury of their unified voices.

Thankfully, the hopeful messages that underlie even the most cynical of their songs provide inspiration to keep plugging away at our own endeavors, no matter how trivial.

BRIDGE & TUNNEL ‘Rebuilding Year’ LP/ CD is out September 20th via No Idea/ Poison City Distribution.



with Paper Arms + Between the Devil & the Deep + Homeward Bound

Sunday September 11th

Doors @ 7:00pm

Entry $15



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Drum Media 30/08/11 (Jessamine Article)


It seems incredible to think that Nitocris broke up
a decade ago, but, apart from a one-off reunion
gig in September 2009, they decided to call it a
day in 2001. Lead guitarist Jessamine Finlayson went
on to form The Fyrefl ies (which also initially featured
Nitocris drummer Andrea Stanway) but, after nearly five years together, that ended and Finlayson strapped on an acoustic guitar and hit the road as a solo singer/ songwriter.
“It was good not to have the pressure of a band for a while,” Finlayson admits. “It was nice to just plug in and play, but it kinda got a bit tedious and a bit lonely after a while, so I got a  band together and they’re all really good friends of mine and it’s really good.”
On the kit is former Fyreflies colleague, drummer Nerida Wu, but the self-titled album that  the band, Jessamine, has just released began long before there was even a band, when  Finlayson took up an offer from engineer/producer Tim Powles, drummer with the church. “I’d met him a few years ago and he’d said he’d be interested in doing something, but then I’d  gone into Fyreflies and when I decided to go solo I just rang him and he said yes,” she  laughs.  “He’s a busy man, so I was lucky to have him for most of the album. Tim played on it too and a friend of his, Andy Sharpe, played bass. I had the songs – some of them were old,  some of them were new – and then we kind of reworked them a lot while we were in the  studio. They sound completely different, which is cool and we had the time to kind of play  with things and go away and come back. It was very different from the usual set-up, bash  out  some songs and leave. I learnt a lot from Tim – he’s very educational.”

In the end though, only eight of the dozen songs on the album were recorded at SpaceJunk.  And that was adding to the three years it took to put the debut album together, even with the luxury of all that extra time Finlayson was able to have in the studio because it was Powles’.

“When I got the band together, we went back into a different studio and just did four songs  live to include on the record. That was just a time thing for Tim – it’s not always easy to get  everybody when you want them. The band that I’ve got now are also starting to  contributewriting as well, so it’s not as much pressure, which is good.” Joining Finlayson and  Wu in Jessamine are guitarist Damien Foxton and bass player Ben Sherwood. They’ve been gigging around since November last year, so it was important to have something that  represented them on the record. As to the songs, there are a few key words that crop up in  quite a few of the songs – lies, enemies, days, weeks and night.
“I know I know I know, I’m actually trying to steer away from that word, lies. I think it’s just  good to rhyme,” Finlayson admits, collapsing into her hearty, guttural rock’n’roll laugh.  “Also I’d had a bit of a tough time for a while there as well and probably poured a lot of it outon the songs, but I know the lies thing comes up quite a lot. We have a bit of a joke about  that so I’m actually trying to stay away from that at the moment [laughs],trying to find a new  moniker.”

(source => Drum Media Sydney, 30/08/11, pg44.)

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Feel Presents: On the Street! (16/09/11)


Friday 16th September

Forming in Sydney in 1979, feedtime were an independent post punk/rock band, who were more popular in the US, than they ever were in their native Australia. They recorded four albums in the 1980s, with their first release out on Aberrant Records in Australia, and their second, third and fourth albums released internationally by indie label Rough Trade. Shovel, their second album, recieved the greatest critical acclaim of all four albums, and with Butch Vig producing their last album, Suction, you know they were onto a good thing.
Their sound was loud, primative and brutal, with their most distinctive musical element being the thick, roaring electric guitar (played with a slide) that thunders over a heaving rythm section. This loud, yet stripped back and minimalistic approach, led to comparisons with British post punk band Wire, however feedtime’s own sound was more influenced by (and heavily referenced) rural American country/blues sounds. Bruce Griffiths  of Aberrant Records describes them as “possibly the most satisfying [of all the bands  he has worked with over the years]” citing their success with international record labels Rough Trade (U.S.), Vinyl Solution (U.K. & EU) and Megadisc (Holland & the rest of EU) as forming a great part of his satisfaction in working with the band.

feedtime surfaced again in 1994 and 1996, with a different drummer, for a re-union album, and this Sepetember, presented by Feel (in conjunction with The Sydney Fringe Festival) they unite again for a very special show at the Sando.
Supported by Useless Children and 3 Toed Sloth, presale tickets are avaialable via moshtix & oztix.


with supports Useless Children  & 3 Toed Sloth

Friday September 16th 2011

Doors @ 8pm

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Nat Col &The Kings (featuring Nathan Cavaleri and Col Hatchman)

‘Simple Things’ E.P. Launch


After wrapping up their first national tour and spending many sleepless nights in the studio, the long wait is over, as Nat Col & the Kings prepare to hit the road again on their second national tour, unleashing their 2nd EP, ‘Simple Things’ on the world. With 5 confirmed shows to launch their 2nd EP, everyone here at the Sando is excited that we’ve been included on the tour.  In previous shows, such as their recent support spot for Rose Tattoo @ The Sando,  Nat Col & the Kings  have blown crowds away with their new-generation stomp blues, and contine to make it obvious that they are here to stay.
Nat Col & the Kings is the combination of guitarist Nathan Cavaleri, who has toured with BB King and jammed with everyone from Michael Jackson to Diesel, and former Screaming Jets Drummer Col Hatchman. With two individually amazing artists, from very different musical backgrounds, it is clear that together as Nat Col & the Kings, Nathan & Col are making their own rules as they continue to grow their own style and sound that has some solid influences from their own musical backgrounds and their guests on stage.
Their first national tour saw Nat Col & the Kings take on the east coast, with nothing but positive outcomes as they concluded the tour with two incredible shows at Byron Bay Bluesfest, before heading straight for the studio to work on their latest addition to their EP collection, Simple Things. This show is definitely not one to be miss, and with two great supports- Carrie Phillis & The Downtown Three and Bittersweet Kicks– you’d better get there early to soak up the entire atmosphere!

Nat Col & The Kings

With Carrie Phillis & The Downtown Three and BitterSweet Kicks

Friday 2nd September 2011

Sandringham Hotel, 387 King St, Newtown

Doors Open @ 8pm

Tickets from


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Drum Media 23/08/11 (Review)

Sandringham Hotel

With The Holy Soul’s swampy, garage rock sound radiating heat from the stage, it didn’t feel like winter at all upstairs at the Sando band room. Dark, guitar driven ballads of murder, death and isolation managed to create a dramatic, tense ambience. They instinctively rely on dynamics, repetition and restrained menace to create a sound that carries on a tradition  started by iconic Australian bands like The Scientists, Beasts Of Bourbon and The Birthday  Party. A rumbling bassline heralded signature song Train that featured a ripping solo by  guitarist Jon Hunter, with Kate Wilson’s drumming keeping the boys in check. It was a short  but blistering set from the local quartet.

Staging two sets tonight, Kim Salmon performed the first set as a three-piece playing a repertoire of groovebased favourites from some of his past incarnations, of which there  have been many, to an audience that moved along with reverence. He played three songs from his 1999 release Record, which he said sold the least number of copies despite getting   the most airplay. I’ll Be Around was a highlight, showcasing some of Salmon’s dirtiest,  bluesiest licks. Disconnected, also from Record, sounded raw and powerful minus the horn  section that featured on the recording. The very sexy Cool Fire finished the set, rendered as  only Salmon can, with intense restraint and humility.
A change of outfi t (well, T-shirt anyway) and drummer followed for the second set. No  bassist this time, just Salmon on guitar with original Scientists drummer Leanne Cowie  casually playing some Scientists classics such as Set It On Fire, I’m A Drop Out and the archetypal Swampland to name a few. As a retrospective, this show was great. We Had Love  had the entire audience moving and for a moment it was like being transported back in time to the heady days of the ‘80s when it seemed like a good thing to party like it was 1969. It was a great live show from one of Australia’s most underrated and talented musicians.

Francesca Palazzolo

(source => drum media 23/08/11, pg. 60)

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Feel Presents: On the Street! (09/09/11)

The Lighthouse Keepers

Playing 2 sets!!

Friday 9th September



***UPDATE: Tickets are Selling FAST. MOSHTIX have exhausted their allocation however tickets ARE STILL AVAILABLE FROM OZTIX *****



Contemporaries of The Triffids, Wet Taxis, The Particles and the Laughing Clowns, The Lighthouse Keepers released their first single, the classic Gargoyle, in March 1983 and followed that with a further two singles (including Ocean Liner), a mini-album and a full length album before finally pulling up stumps with a sold out farewell show at Sydney’s Graphic Arts Club in March 1986.

To help promote the new release original members Greg Appel, Juliet Ward, Stephen ‘Blue’ Dalton and Stephen O’Neil have agreed to reform and play at the Sando on the Friday 9th September to launch their new album Ode to Nothing – The Very Best of The Lighthouse Keepers. 

The new collection can be purchased from the feel website, and is a sixteen track, sixteen page career overview & memoir compiled by the band and Feel inhouse archivist Tim Pittman.

So grab a copy of the cd, get your presale tickets via moshtix or oztix and come on down for a great night of music, where the band will be playing TWO SETS and featuring a very special, yet to be announced, Guest Speaker. The night will kick off when doors open at 8pm, but tickets are selling fast so we definitely suggest trying to grab some presales while they’re still available!

“In Australia where a sense of light and space is much more relevant than any amount of gothic/industrial Hunters & Collectors or Nick Caves, bands like The Lighthouse Keepers along with, say, their Hot records labelmates The Triffids, put a uniquely off-centre spin on post-punk. They may even have invented Australian lo-fi! Certainly, they remain one of the best bands ever to have come out of Canberra, and that’s no faint praise when stacked up against the likes of Tactics and The Church.”

~ Clinton Walker (Australian music critic)

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This Weekend @ The Sando!

thursday 18th august:


johnathan devoy solo

Originally hailing from the South Coast of NSW, Johnathan Devoy has been playing around the country for 15 years. Fronting bands such as Jerk, Ink, The Vandolls and most recently Melody Black, has developed not only a strong performance, but an eclectic collection of material to draw upon. Continuing his almost 2 year long Thursday night residency at the Sando you can expect a mix of Stand Up Comedy, Binge Drinking & Acoustic Rock featuring special guests Zotty Cillia on Drums,  and songstress Cecil Hotbake belting out a few tunes as well. The tunes will kick off at about 8:30pm, and its completely free!


happy hate me nots + money for rope + the optionals + raprager

Emerging from the Sydney indie scene in the mid 80’s, the Happy Hate Me Nots have released 2 mini albums, 7 singles and one full length record in their time. After taking a pretty long haiatus before reforming in 2006, they are back, touring, writing and releasing their first new material in over a decade!

With their melodic, up tempo sound and great live presence, tonights show is going to be a good one. Supports are Melbourne based garage soul band Money for Rope, and local boys The Optionals & Raprager (as last minute replacements for Buzzard). Doors will open from 8pm and entry is a mere $15.

friday 19th august:

kim salmon with supports the nice folk

After consecutive sell outs over four Melbourne shows, Kim Salmon is bringing his Old Bar Russian Roulette concept for the first time to Sydney. Over 2 nights at the Sando Kim will be playing two different sets, each focussing on a different aspect of his career. He’ll have a new band for each set – Kim and Leanne as the Scientists duo or ScienceTest, his 3 piece ‘solo band’ covering everything from Beasts of Bourbon to Salmon to The Darling Downs, his latest combo ‘Precious Jules’, The Surrealists and everything inbetween, infront of or behind.

Friday night Kim Salmon will be playing with his own band, with supports The Nice Folk, and warming up for his next show on SATUDAY night at the Sando. It’s bound to be a great couple of nights here and we’d definitely suggest getting in early cause presale tickets (available via moshtix & zombie dog entertainment) are selling fast. Doors will open at 8pm with the bands due to kick off at about 8:30pm.

saturday 20th august:


tice & evans

Saturday night will kick off (like it always does) at about 4pm when TICE & EVANS start your night off right with their own unique mixture of rock and blues. Its FREE downstairs, so pop on in for a beer or three and see what it takes to keep a 5 year long residency at the Sando. Also dont forget to check out Mark Evans’ new book Dirty Deeds, which had its official launch yesterday at Berkalow Books in Newtown, and is due for national release next week!

kim salmon with supports the holy soul

Following Tice & Evans will be the second night of Kim Salmon‘s Old Bar Russian Roulette shows. Over 2 nights at the Sando, this Friday and Saturday, Kim will be playing two different sets, each focussing on a different aspect of his career. If you cant make the Friday night show, be sure not to miss this one! Or, alternatively, come to both!!!

Friday night Kim Salmon will be playing with his own band, with supports The Holy Soul kicking the night off, winding down his Sydney leg of th Russian Roulette Tour. Once again, try and make sure you grab some tickets presale (available via moshtix & zombie dog entertainment) as they are selling fast. Doors will open at 8pm with the bands due to kick off at about 8:30pm- if you dont have presales make sure you get in early!

sunday 21st august:


the slowdowns

These city folk with a penchant for cowboy boots n hats, both kinds of music, beer, cigarettes whisky and wild, wild women wont just drive you crazy, they’ll drive you insane. Kicking off at 4pm, and running through till about 8pmThe Slowdowns will, stand and deliver their patented** brand of gravelly lead vocals, five part harmonies, slide banjo, harmonica and blistering guitars precariously held together by a rhythm section that rolls like a runaway train.

Wanted for murdering the hits, butchering country classics and spicing it up with their original originals the Slowdowns are solid favourites here at the Sando! So come on down and wet your weekend and catch them singing and slappin and twanging away all your favourite toons in the street level bar. So come on in and slow down…

**patent most likely does not exist….

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