Blackie (Hard Ons) Solo Show

Wednesday 24th August @ The Sando

Best known as the guitarist and vocalist for “Australia’s most commercially successful independant band” the Hard Ons! (and later Nunchukka Superfly), Peter “BLACKIE” Black released his first solo album in December of last year. As part of his tour of this release “Break Bread with the Mono Brows”, Blackie will be doing a solo gig in the front bar at the Sando. Its bound to be a great night, with plenty of good tunes, and the beer flowing and best of all its COMPLETELY FUCKING FREE!!!

Blackie Solo

(Hard Ons! & Nunchukka Superfly)

Wednesday 24th August 2011

from 7pm


Downstairs Bar @ The Sandringham Hotel

387 King St, Newtown







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The Screaming Tribesmen

Saturday 24th September

Mick Medew & Chris Masuak

The Screaming Tribesmen were another great, enduring and powerfully melodic bands to emerge out of the Australian underground rock scene of the 1980s. With their indie chart topping single “Igloo” and their Vampyre EP at the top of the Australian Independent music charts for over 40 weeks, the Tribesmen have managed to tour every nook and cranny of Australia, as well as completing several successful US & European tours in their time.

Lead by guitarist-vocalist Mick Medew, a veteran of Brisbane cult band The 31st, the Tribesmen emerged in 1981 as a ‘60s-influenced power trio that spawned an independent EP and two singles before dissolving. It would be the line-up of Medew, guitarist Chris “Klondike” Masuak (Radio Birdman, the Hitmen), bassist Bob Wackley (Razar) and drummer Warwick Fraser (Feather, Hoi Polloi) that was the most enduring and best-known.

With Chris Masuak currently residing in Spain and Bob Wackley in the USA, this reunion tour will see both members make the trip back to Australia from overseas.  Mick Medew and Warrick Fraser still live in Australia (in Brisbane and Sydney respectively), and are both currently active in local bands, this will be a multinational/cross-state round up of both power and melody, sprinkling a set of strong originals with lesser-known covers borrowed from the Dictators, the Verterbrats, Paul Collins Beat and Lou Reed.

This re-uniteted line-up provides both original fans and new comers to their music the opportunity to see this great Aussie band live and upclose on the Sando’s Main Stage for one show only! Fuse Music will re-issue the band’s EPs and album over two CDs with unreleased demo and live material which will be available to purchase through their national tour (with dates in Brisbane and Melbourne on the 17th & 23rd of September respectively).

Mick Medew had (and still possesses) one of the most distinctive voices in the country and Masuak’s tightly-coiled and lyrical lead-guitar was an ideal foil. Wackley and Fraser were the inspiring engine room that provided Rolls Royce propulsion for not only great tunes, but a brilliant live show.
Supporting the Tribesmen will be Sydney’s The Dark Shadows, fresh off supporting legendary psychobilly rockers The Fireballs, and their support of Scottish indie rockers Glasvegas’ Splendour sideshow at the Metro on July 24th. 80’s rockers Decline of Reptiles will be opening the evening, after their 2008 reformation. Definitely a night of rock and roll that’s not to be missed!

Tickets available from the  Zombie Dog Entertainment website.

The Screaming Tribesmen


The Dark Shadows & The Decline of Reptiles

Sandringham Hotel, King st Newtown

Saturday 24th September

Tickets $25 + bf

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Bastardfest 2011

Bastardfest Coming to the Sando…

Starting last year in Brissy, BASTARDFEST is a new (N-E-W not N-U) Metal Festival, popping its Sydney cherry this year at the Sando. With a great line up of local talent, and the chance to win one of these electric skateboards when you buy tickets from any outlet (like moshtix), its sure to a good night of some fairly brutal tunes, awesome door prizes and metal markets (?!?).


Headliners are Tassy metal band Psychroptic who, since touring their last album Ob(servant) in December 2010, have been recording a yet untitled new album. Bastardfest 2011 (across the country) will be the only shows Psychroptic will be doing in 2011 and their set will feature many of the new songs of their forthcoming album.

Blood Duster

The line up also features Blood Duster who have stood proud for 20 years as Australia’s most misunderstood and most maligned grind band. Not bowing to any particular scene, not playing music industry games, not giving a fuck about whats hip, whats current or what anyone else thinks, Blood Duster simply are what they are. Next along the line are Perth originating, Melbourne living high speed hard core grinders, Extortion. The bill continues to grind and screech with Dreamkillers, Tassie’s black metal Ruins, Claim the Throne, ACT’s Pod People & I ExistBane of Isildur, Ouroboros, Daemon Foetal Harvest, Anno Domini, Chaos Divine, Enforce, Dawn Heist and Ignite the Ibex.


As a show case of great Aussie Metal, Bastardfest picks up where other metal fests have left off. For more information you can check the bastardfest website, and if you’re so inclined, sign up to their street team and hassel everyone you know to come along \m/


Saturday 10th September

The Sandringham Hotel, King St Newtown

Tickets: $27 + bf (moshtix)

Doors @ 12:30pm

First 100 presales through the door get a free sausage sizzle \m/O_o

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HITMEN ~ Friday 30th September & Saturday 1st October

The Hardest Working Band in Rock

The Hitmen are one of those great, influential Australian rock bands. Formed from various ex- members of Radio Birdman (started by ex-birdman backup vocalist Johnny Kannis in 1977), future Hoodoo Gurus, and partially sharing a line up with The New Christs, The Hitmen have been described as “the hardest working band” in Aussie rock and roll.

Signed to at least three different labels in their time, and with at least half a dozen recordings under their belt, their live show is still what draws people to the band. Undeniably spirited, the Hitmen left a lasting mark after they called it quits in 1984. “Too rockin’ to be pop, and too hooky for the metal-heads” the Hitmen have confounded record company marketing departments while delighting an entire generation of gig goers in Australia throughout the 70s & 80s. Although their albums have been re-released and remastered (and available here), the ONLY way to experience the Hitmen is LIVE.

With the post 2007 reunited line up playing the main stage at the Sando over two great nights, the chance to relive, or even experience for the first time, the amazing live show that is the Hitmen is here. Featuring original members Johnny Kannis, Chris Masuak (a Sando solo performance regular!) and Tony Robertson, and joined by Tony Jukic (Johnny Kannis Explosion) and Muzz Sheperd (Tribesmen), the latest incarnation of the Hitmen is something not to be missed. No f*^king excuses!

The Hitmen

Friday 30th September & Saturday 1st October

The Sandringham Hotel, Newtown

Doors: 8pm

Tickets: $22 + BF

via MOSHTIX & Zombie Dog Entertainment

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Sando Pool Competition


Regular patrons over the years will have noticed a few incarnations of the SANDO POOL COMPETITION have come about and faded into the realm of distant memories. So from next Tuesday (19th July 2011) the Sando will be restarting its regular pool competition FOR FREE from 8pm.

So heres the go

*Registration will be at 7:30pm SHARP for an 8:00pm kick off

*Entry is Free and tables are free (we run free pool on Tuesdays anyway)

*HOUSE RULES ARE FINAL– there will be no arguing or changing of rules. House rules will be set at the begining of the night and will not deviate.

*Prize is a VOUCHER FOR THE BOTTLE SHOP at the Sando

See you at the bar!


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Fireballs Review (The Drum Media 05/07/11)

Review for Fireballs (with The Dark Shadows, Dunhill Blues and Jarran Zen & the Switchblades) at the Sando on Friday 1st July 2011.

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Kim Salmon – Russian Roullete Sydney Tour

When writing about Australian rock legend Kim Salmon, you don’t have to search too hard for information to fill a decent length biography. With more than 20 recordings from his involvement in bands such as The Scientists, The Beasts of Bourbon, Darling Downs and Kim Salmon & The Surrealists, Salmon has been an influential main stay on the Australian music scene for the last 30 years. His work with The Scientists in the 1980s influenced the grunge scene, which was to emerge later on in the decade and rise to prominence in the early 90s. Salmon himself coined the term “grunge” to describe the band’s “unorthodox bass heavy rhythms and distorted guitars”- a fact that was noted in the ABC’s 2001 rock and roll documentary ‘Long Way to the Top’.

As The Scientists and the decade came to a close, Kim resolved to give free reign to his Avant-garde, jazz and just plain old weird streak, on his ‘solo’ venture The Surrealists. Their best known and best selling album was 1993’s “Sin Factory”, with the band touring Europe, USA & Australia on their own and with the likes of U2, The Bad Sees, Jon Spencer and The Cramps. In 2004, he was inducted into the Western Australian Music Industry Hall of Fame, and still continued to follow his Avant-garde musical path, creating the instrumental band Salmon in 2005, with Clare Moore & Michael Stranges on drums and Dave Graney, Ash Naylor, Penny Ikinger, Matt Walker & Anton Ruddick on guitar and Kim on both guitar and samples.

After consecutive sell outs over four Melbourne shows, Kim Salmon is bringing his Old Bar Russian Roulette concept for the first time to Sydney. Over 2 nights at the Sando Kim will be playing two different sets, each focussing on a different aspect of his career. He’ll have a new band for each set – Kim and Leanne as the Scientists duo or ScienceTest, his 3 piece ‘solo band’ covering everything from Beasts of Bourbon to Salmon to The Darling Downs, his latest combo ‘Precious Jules’, The Surrealists and everything inbetween, infront of or behind.




w/- special guests to be announced

WHEN: Friday 19 & Saturday 20 August 2011

WHERE: Sandringham Hotel

DOORS: 8pm

TICKETS: $20+bf available via moshtix & Zombie Dog Entertainment

“Salmon’s music is ageless” ~Rolling Stone

“Salmon is to Perth, Australia, what Nick Cave was to Melbourne; a post-punk trailblazer that’s made uncompromising music for 35 years….. May he never stop!” ~ The Bigtakeover

“This is an artist defined by his very restlessness, his willingness to both embrace and redefine his own legacy and keep presenting us with work that is as original as it is commercially unviable” ~ Mess+Noise

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Tattoo Ink TV, Angry Anderson & More Tatts Reviews…

So those that were at the Sando for the Rose Tattoo gigs on the Friday Night may have noticed a camera crew running around, filming people getting tattooed and catching the action upstairs. That crew was from, and this is the final product of their shooting for the night:

Rose Tattoo & interviews with Angry Anderson @ Sandringham Hotel Newtown 24/06/11 from Pluto Productions on Vimeo.

Also, yet another review has popped up for the Friday night gig, from, written by liveguide contributer Don Macleod:

Reviewed: Rose Tattoo

30 Jun 2011

Image courtesy of Zombie Dog Entertainment

Reviewed: Rose Tattoo
Sandringham Hotel, Newtown – 24 June 2011

By Liveguide Contributor – Don Macleod

The year was 1986. I was underage and snuck into Dapto Leagues Club to see Rose Tattoo for the first time. They played an absolutely kickarse show and hung around to talk to the punters at the end. I still remember Angry writing on the back of a beer coaster for me “To Don. Stay young. Angry.” Nine months later I was sitting in a tattoo parlour on Darlinghurst Rd getting a Rose Tattoo on my right arm. To say these guys were a big influence on me is an understatement.

Over the 25 years since, I have been lucky enough to see The Tatts dozens of times. No two shows were the same, no two line ups were the same, but they never failed to disappoint.
(read more =>)


If anyone has/has found any footage or reviews from either the Rose Tattoo, Fireballs, Desert Sessions or ANY other gig, upstairs or downstairs, please send to
See you at the Bar!

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Reviews, Reviews & More Reviews…

Its been a busy couple of weeks here at the Sando- with Desert Sessions & the Rose Tattoo gigs being massive highlights. And with The Fireballs coming up this weekend, and 6ft Hick next week, there seems only to be one “Slowdown” in sight (ie: Slowdown Sunday again on next week)!

So instead of giving our wrap up of the last week or so, we thought we’d post some of the reviews and media we’ve found from the last few weeks.

Sludge Factory- Desert Sessions 2011

Desert Sessions 2011: A Night of Stoner Rock + Mother Mars

The Sandringham Hotel, Newtown

18 June 2011

Review by Gary Grim

Photos by Lauren Rafter

I have many fond memories of seeing gigs at The Sando; some of these gigs were good and some bad but overall it’s a cool venue. When you see a band there it feels like a real gig. None of this huge separation between the crowd and the band like in some of the bigger venues just the punters, the music, booze and a really relaxed atmosphere. What better setting for a night of Stoner Rock? Upon entering, I was eager to see what these performers had in store for us and whether they would do the amazing bands they were paying tribute to justice.

(read more =>)

Loud Mag- Rose Tattoo Review (24/06/11)

Rose Tattoo


Sandringham Hotel, Sydney
June 24, 2011
Supports: Melody Black, Nat Col and the Kings
Reviewed by Brian Fischer-Giffin

Opportunities like this don’t come along very often anymore and may not ever again: the chance to catch one of Australia’s greatest bands blasting out a full set of steamin’ rock n roll in the confines of a small, intimate room, and it was no surprise that the House Full sign had gone up for both these shows a few days before the event.

(read more =>)

Drum Media – Rose Tattoo Review (24/06/11)

Issue 1066 (28/06/11)

page 59

(read more =>)

Drum Media – Fireballs Interveiw


Issue 1066 (28/06/11)
page 42

(read more =>)


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Rose Tattoo Up Close & Dangerous

Big thanks to everybody that came down over the weekend to see ROSE TATTOO. Thanks to the Tatts boys for two brilliant shows, and to the support bands (Nat Col & the Kings, Melody Black, The Lazy’s & Hell Crab City) for warming up the crowd for two brilliant nights of Rock and Roll. Thanks to Scotty & the boys from Skin Deep Tattoo & King St Tattoo in Newtown too for popping in and inking punters right in the pub over both nights!

Also massive thanks go out to Jack Daniels for their help and support for the gig, and also the Zombie Dog Entertainment, who we all have to thank for putting this gig together for us.

Here at the Sando, we all hope everyone is recovering well, and that those that got inked a healing nicely! Two Sold out shows, thousands of drinks and two days later, we’re still buzzing from the weekend. It was a great couple of nights and we have you guys to thank for supporting it.

Dont forget to tag us in your photos from the weekend on facebook so we can show everyone how great the nights were. Also if you guys have any videos/images/memories you want immortalised from the night, just email them to as we will be putting together a little page/blog for the weekend.

Have a Good Week and We’ll See you at the Bar \m/

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